Do you have over $10,000 in Debt? Get Help now.


Do you have more than $10,000 in debt? You may qualify for debt relief.

Sometimes we need to consult an expert to get relief from our debt, and our lender has an A+ rating with the BBB

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Will Alexander

Will Alexander has over 10 years of experience as a financial expert and writer. The goal of his work is to assist the people of Texas in finding loans for lower interest rates than they thought were possible. Will specializes in bad credit loans.

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  1. I want a one hundred thousand loan to help me paid off smalls and buy a house all in payment plan. If your company can help that be great if not I’ll keep trying or find someone else.
    My phone number

  2. I have bad credit would like to get a loan to pay off some of my bills an pay for a air condioner , i know things look bad on me but i need a little help to get my credit better, I promised you i will pay you back also i have a 2008 18 ft wide 80 ft long i will put up for collected or i have a one half acre of land ,i own both of these I would like to borrow $8,000.oo or what ever i can

  3. My husband and I are really in need of a personal loan for 10,000 to pay some bills off and we have bad credit. If you could please give us a call at (832) 385-2574 we need a loan as soon as possible so please get ahold of us.

  4. As a result of a significant compensation change at work I find myself in need of a 10,000 to 12,000 loan to get myself back on track. A portion of that is to get myself out of the payday loan cycle which is haunting me. I will be moving work locations the first of the year which will put me in a better situation to hit bonuses. My credit is poor and honestly I don’t know where to turn. Just looking for someone to invest in me. Please call me at 210-639-5553.

  5. over the course of my military career from sept to 2006- medical discharge with 100% disability in sept 2015 i acquired a substantially amount of debt. i used my back pay check for my disability to pay off secured loans but later took loans back out due to vehicle problems and emergencies , i also pursued the custody of my child with success . when i got my back pay check i forgot about payday loans in negligence because when i came home from iraq with severe ptsd i became an alcoholic and did not care i got payday loan after payday loan and they are coming back to haunt me. i jus want to be able to get a consolidation loan to get everything into one payment and take care of this situation before anyone else tries to take me to court , ive recently move my fiance and her 10 yr old little girl to oklahoma and im trying to settle as much of my debt here in tn so i can move myself and my 4 yr old little girl to oklahoma so we can continue our lives together, however until then i can not provide for myself or my fiance and our family, ive been a homeless veteran before and i do not want to again , and if i cannot get this loan then i will be homeless or file bankruptcy and lose everything including my vehicles due to title loans . i would just like to be able to live again

  6. Looking for owner-occupied hard money or private loan. I have 20% equity in home, not 25-30% required by most. Vantage Credit score was 725 less than a year ago, now under 600. Trusted family member to take care of bills while I worked out of town. House note not paid, in active foreclosure with 9 days to go before auction. DTI low, even lender agreed.

  7. I am looking to borrow 5,000- 10,000 to pay off some bad debt. I am in a ch 13 right now, less than a year to go. I gross 112,000 a year. If someone can help me out that would be great. Simple interest rate of up to 35% is the highest I will pay

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