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Low Rate Same Day Loan For Guadalupe In Milton, Pennsylvania

$28000 Same Day Loan – Milton Pennsylvania, Credit Score Of 490

  • Experian: 506 – The client had a bad Experian score
  • Transunion: 475 – Guadalupe had a bad credit rating with Transunion.
  • Equifax: Guadalupe’s Experian score was 490, which is a bad credit rating on the Experian scale.

Signature Loan found in Milton, Pennsylvania for $28000 with bad credit by Guadalupe

Most clients have difficulty with obtaining signature loans in Milton, Pennsylvania, and Guadalupe is no different. Guadalupe went to 4 lending institutions or more before finding Milton Savings Bank, who offered Guadalupe a signature loan for $28000. Most signature loans simply need a client, like Guadalupe’s signature to get them, up to $21,000 in some cases. Guadalupe was able to get $28000 as a same day loan, which is very high for a same day loan. Because signature loans do not require a cosigner, they tend to require higher credit, as high as 774

Previous requests on Guadalupe’s credit

Principle in USD Term Length in Years Annual Percentage Rate Monthly Payment Lender’s Branch Name Date of Request
$45190.00 4 8.7% $1118.13 The People’s Bank of Oxford December 13, 2011
$45270.00 4 7.8% $1100.93 First Lehigh Bank February 16, 2012
$45200.00 8 7.5% $627.55 SunBank August 25, 2014
$45260.00 6 5.6% $741.57 Merchants Bank (North) June 4, 2015
$45180.00 3 10.4% $1466.33 Green Ridge Bank August 21, 2015

Personal Loan for a cook named Guadalupe in Milton, Pennsylvania to Pay Off Merrill Lynch Signature Rewards

Guadalupe had a tonne of credit card debt on their Henri Bendel A-List Credit Card and their Virgin Atlantic White Card, and they were starting to get in over their heads. Despite Guadalupe’s job as a cook, they struggled to make payments on the $24,000.00 credit card balance, desperately needing assistance in the form of a personal loan.

Guadalupe was not approved by SunBank 4 times prior to being accepted by Milton Savings Bank at 80 Broadway

On May 23, 2010, Guadalupe inquired about borrowing $17,000 from The Union Banking & Trust Company of Du Bois, Pennsylvania with Gabriel, their in law from just outside Milton, and even with the co-signer, Guadalupe was rejected for this same day loan. With bad credit, it can be a challenge to procure financing, even with collateral and a co-signer.

Installment loan for Guadalupe, a graduate of Fort Hays State University and a cook working for over $69,000 per year

Guadalupe, an alumnus at Fort Hays State University and a cook in Milton, Pennsylvania wants a same day loan to purchase a car. Guadalupe has instead chosen to obtain an installment loan for $13,000 and is at present seeking lenders like Continental Bank to process their request.

Guadalupe’s Overall FICO score at the time of acceptance for a same day loan, taking into account their cook job and their future career as a sales representative

Fico Score: 490

Before applying for this same day loan, Guadalupe had an Experian score of 506, which is bad, so Milton Savings Bank likely cannot provide Guadalupe a same day loan

Experian Score: 506

9 Months Ago, Guadalupe Tried Finding a High Risk Loan for $46,000.00, but They Didn’t Find What They were Expecting

It is an well known struggle for borrowers to get high risk loans in a safe manner. Many high risk loans end up coming from loan sharks or similar lenders, which can be frightening to borrowers like Guadalupe. Guadalupe decided not to obtain a high risk loan this time. High Risk loans are the instrument of choice, and are given to bad credit clients. Clients with credit ratings as low as 509 can apply for a high risk loan and possibly can be approved.

Contact Details for Milton Savings Bank, the provider of this same day loan

  • Milton Savings Bank
  • City: Milton
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Address: 80 Broadway
  • County: Northumberland
  • Zip code: 17847

Guadalupe has a low current total income, but has a high number of prospects

Guadalupe has always wanted to be a sales representative, but would need attend Fort Hays State University again to become one. Guadalupe has other possibilities as well, including power-line installer and mechanic, city planning aide, and civil engineering technician, which pay $57,000 through to $98,000 per year, on average. Because of this, we believe that Guadalupe can afford this same day loan of $28000.

When Guadalupe was 21, they tried to obtain a student loan from 6 different banks, which harmed their credit rating. Below is a list of Guadalupe’s previous attempts at finding a student loan:

  • Attempt 1) Loan for $35,000.00 on March 30, 2010
  • Attempt 2) Loan for $39,000.00 on December 13, 2009
  • Attempt 3) Loan for $23,000.00 on September 1, 2009
  • Attempt 4) Loan for $20,000.00 on November 15, 2012
  • Attempt 5) Loan for $24,000.00 on March 7, 2012
  • Attempt 6) Loan for $36,000.00 on September 23, 2011

Many previous requests for credit have been made by Guadalupe in the past, including one from FirstBank of Port Isabel, National Association in Milton, Pennsylvania before Guadalupe was accepted for the $28000 by Milton Savings Bank

Guadalupe made 4 previous attempts to obtain a same day loan, 2 of which were with FirstBank of Port Isabel, National Association, a bank in Milton, Pennsylvania known to specialize in same day loans specifically. Prior to finding Milton Savings Bank, Guadalupe was concerned due to their inexperience and bad credit score.

Debt Consolidation Can Help Most Highly Indebted Borrower to Escape Bad Debts like Credit Card Debt

Average debt consolidation loans range from $25,000.00 to $53,000.00. They are normally used to pay off existing high interest loans like credit cards. Guadalupe required a debt consolidation loan to pay for their existing same day loan and their loan shark loan. Guadalupe was able to find a same day loan in the end. Debt consolidation, or just consolidation, is a tactic in the debt snowball method which transfers your bad, high interest loans to a single lower interest loan. Debt consolidation loans generally have interest rates as low as 2.3%.

Client Profile: Guadalupe Kellough of Milton, Pennsylvania
  • Full name (Changed if requested): Guadalupe Kellough
  • Current Credit: loans.hit.utils.Fico@6d9c638
  • Current City: Milton
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Zip code: 17851
  • Yearly income: $44,000
  • Current Job: cook
  • Current County: Northumberland
  • Goal Yearly Income: $99,000
  • Debt (Personal Loan, Credit Card, Payday Loan, etc): $9000

Guadalupe’s Transunion score was altered by the same day loan loan, changing to 475 from 490, which is normal in our experience.

Transunion Score: 475

Paraphrased and Standardized Quote from Guadalupe for this same day loan of $28000, provided by Milton Savings Bank

Hello, I am Guadalupe and I’m from Milton in Pennsylvania. Northumberland, county is where I grew up, and now I need a same day loan in Pennsylvania for $28000 to buy a car. It has been difficult, but Milton Savings Bank really came through for me with this loan for 9.5% interest APR and a term of 5 years. I will repay the loan over the 5 year term, including interest. A big thanks to Milton Savings Bank for giving me a chance and my bad credit. It look me 8 years to build my credit to 490, and I won’t harm it any future. I am happy with Find Texas Loans for assisting me this far.

Fast Loans for Guadalupe in Milton, Pennsylvania to prevent bankruptcy or harm from debt collectors.

Fast loans in Milton, Pennsylvania aren’t actually that difficult to obtain, especially if you have some gumption like Guadalupe. Guadalupe was able to find a fast loan for $28000 from The Union Banking & Trust Company of Du Bois, Pennsylvania and Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company, but declined both offers in favor of their same day loan from Milton Savings Bank. The improvement with a fast loan over a installment loan is in speed. Fast loans typically are processed within 1 – 3 weeks, versus up to 6 weeks for debt consolidation loans. A big improvement if a borrower is in a pinch.

Conclusion of Guadalupe’s same day loan

In the end, Guadalupe was able to find a same day loan for $28000 with an interest rate of 7.1% interest APR from Milton Savings Bank in Milton, Pennsylvania repayable over 5 years from today.

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Will Alexander has over 10 years of experience as a financial expert and writer. The goal of his work is to assist the people of Texas in finding loans for lower interest rates than they thought were possible. Will specializes in bad credit loans.

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