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Unsecured Personal Loans

Personal Loan up to $100,000. – Credit score starting at 720+ and an annual income over $85,000. required to apply

Personal Loan From $5000. to $100,000.

Personal Loan up to $50,000. – Credit score starting at 650+ and proof of regular income to apply

Personal Loan From $1,000. to $50,000. with 2-5 year term starting at 4.99%

Personal Loan up to $35,0000. – Credit score of 550+ to apply

Short and Long Term Personal Loan From $100. to $35,000.

Bad Credit Personal Loan up to $5,000. – any credit score can apply. Only apply with this provider if your credit score is below 580

Bad Credit Personal Loan From $100. to $2500.

Bad Credit Auto Loan

Bad Credit Auto Loan

Bad Credit Installment Loan

Take a look at our list of bad credit installemnt loan lenders

Private Student Loans & Student Loan Refinancing

Private Student Loan Offering

Student Loan Refinancing Offering

Debt Consolidation Loans – Many lenders offered in this link. Credit score starting at 580+ to apply

Debt Consolidation Loan providers From $5,000. to $100,000.

Debt Relief and Debt Settlement Services

Debt Relief – Creditor Relief, Creditor Management, Debt Settlement Services – No credit Score Requirements to apply

Debt settlement, debt management, debt negotiation
Struggling with debt over $10,000. and need help with debt relief or debt settlement
Call now: 877-672-1570

Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy information

Business Loan Services – Credit score of 500+ to apply

Business Loans From $5,000. to $500,000.

Credit Help

Credit Score Management – Struggling to qualify for a loan of any size

Helpful Information for Repairing Your Credit Score

Why are bad credit loans so hard to get?

Banks, basically, are trying to minimize their losses on high risk loans. They do this, sadly, by forcing individuals who do not default to pay for those who do through ridiculous interest rates. A few years ago before the dawn of the recession, the only requirement for a loan was a heartbeat. Now, however, one’s credit score must be a burnished specimen of perfection for conservative to even consider lending. A FICO score higher than 650 is needed for them to even look at you, and to obtain the best interest rate a score near 800 is needed.

Competition in the lending market

The main difficulty for those with bad credit are that the median credit score is so high. Bad credit is considered to be a FICO score less than 650, and with the median as high has 720 there are plenty of other lending opportunities for banks. This makes Texas Loan Finders job of finding lenders even more difficult. For this reason, we try to find lenders who are willing to make the informed decision to give a second chance to loan seekers with bad credit.

Interest rates on bad credit loans

Interest rates for those of us with bad credit can be exponential – Texas Loan Finders seeks to normalize the interest rate curve to provide decent loans to those in need. It is a challenge to loosen the iron grip banks have around their capital during this recession, but it is possible if you look in the right place. This, I’m happy to tell you, is the right place. For other (more reasonable) borrowing options see our pages on Debt-Snowball, Installment Loans, or Consolidated Debt.

Apply for a loan with a bad credit friendly lender

If you are plagued with bad credit, there are lenders out there willing to assist you. Find a lender with our directory. Searching for bad credit will reveal a number of great lenders nearby who specialize loans for your particular credit score.

We have helped many clients to get their debt situation back on track. Many clients come to us with debt that they view as insurmountable, with interest piling up, and with no where to turn. We help to guide their decisions, typically forwarding them on to debt reduction methods such as consolidation. Bankruptcy is almost never an option for our Texas-exclusive clientele, with just a few years and some careful planning your finances can be put back on track.

43 thoughts on “Bad Credit Loans

  1. Need loan of at least $5000 for emergency household expenses due to breast cancer surgery, accident resulting in right shoulder injury and attack by swarm of killer bees, more than 100 stings. Retired with pension and social security income.

  2. I have been trying to stay on top of my bills as well as my mortgage but due to some injuries and payroll mistakes not in my control I fell behind on my mortgage . With the economy taking a turn the way it did my kids needed help financially so I took out high interest loans with the understanding that we would pay them off quickly , it isn’t happening . I’m a single farther of five raised my kids in our home my youngest is 16 now and I’m looking towards my retirement in the future. I have a secure job with good income but my credit score dropped making it hard for me to consolidate my debt. Please help .

  3. To anyone interested in a bad credit loan – we act as quickly as possible on requests presented here! Please feel free to post requests and we will get back to you by email as quickly as we can.


    1. I desperate need of some cash assistance in the amount of about $10000. Been hit with hard times and extremely bad luck. I was supposed to start a new higher paying job today but the bad luck bug hit…I spoke with my new employer and they ensured me my job is safe and to take care of my business first. This is where y’all hopefully come in. I really need this help please please help today.

    2. hi,my hubby and I are interested in getting a loan for 28,050 to try to finish remodeling our plus pay off some of our smaller bills to help improve our credit as well as hopefully have more cash in our pockets.My hubby works in the oilfield business and I work with MR consumers. would appreciate any help or suggestions or even to get pointed in the right direction to somewhere that could help us.

    3. Hi Will,

      I am need of 7000.00-8000.00. I have been out of job for 2 months but I am starting a new next week. This money is to catch up my bills. With my new job I will be able to pay my bills and the loan that is needed. Because of the last 2 months my credit score has fallen to 580. I own my home but do not have enough equity to get a line of credit.

      Thank you

    4. I am need of a loan for $5000 to pay off bills and get a fresh start. I am employed and receive social security, but need funds to pay off debts. Please advise if you can help.

  4. I need money to start up a cleaning business. I have bad credit and there isn’t anyone willing to give me the loan. I have work lined up with an affluent builder in the Westover area of Fort Worth. I just need a small amount of money to buy essential tools and supplies.

  5. Hi Veronica,

    You sound like exactly the kind of client that we like to help find bad credit loans! Keep an eye on your email box, we will be in contact shortly!


  6. I actually need closer to $50k. This amount would get me on the road to better financial stability and assist me in cleaning up my extremely bad credit.

    1. Hi Tim,

      We’ll definitely look into this for you. Check your email in the next day or two. We will be in touch.


  7. I am in desperate need of a 5000.00 loan. Can’t pay my rent nor by food or gas. have these payday loans. I am employed and get social security.have just fallen behind in everything. I have two more car payments on my car. If there is anyway of me getting a loan. Please contact me.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      We can likely help you with this, though it does sound like your case may be a challenging one! Applying for debt consolidation may be a solid bet for you, consider searching for debt consolidation loans then get back to us with what you find! It sounds like you’re exactly the kind of person that would benefit from consolidating debts.

      1. Just need a little help in finding the rt place to start looking for help. I don’t want to have my already poor credit dinged too many times.I have tried looking on line, but keep getting payday loan offers.

  8. I am in need of a $5000 loan to help with rent, food, and car payments. I’ve recently accepted a new higher paying job and still getting paycheck a through August from my old employer. I am taking out my retirement money in September and need money to get us through till the money comes in. I have four children and my wife has an ailment that prevents her from working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have our unsecured debt in a debt counseling company to help with our credit but we will still have the bad credit score for a while. Please help!

  9. I have a decent income of 230k. But terrible credit history after failed business and some bad decisions. Looking for 10-20k to pay off car loans, payday loans and tax debt. I keep a detailed budget, just need help out of bind in order to reshape credit.

  10. I am in financial/dire need of $1500. I am a professional, but have fallen on hard times. My credit is bad; my score is approximately 550. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  11. I need help as soon as possible. Don’t know what to do anymore. Need 10,000 to pay all debt and consolidate into one payment. Banks, and other places have denied my request for a loan. please help me, I am desperate.

  12. I have a few bills about $6000.00 total and would like to consolidate them into one payment. I have been trying to finish paying them off but with summer my utility bill was high so i had to pay on it

  13. I’m in need of 15000 to pay off some bills and improve credit scores. Husband make 160000 a year but past mistakes are catching up .please help

  14. Hello Will,

    I don’t have the greatest credit,I’m in need of a $25,000 loan to help me clean up and drastically improve my credit score. Can you help me? I’ve tried seeking help on my own but, I’m told no at every turn, can you help me?

  15. Sir:,I need help as soon as possible.Don’t know what to do or where to turnanymore.I need$15,000 -18,000 to pay off debts and consolidate into one payment.Banks credit union and other financial places have denied my request. I have now become desperate don’t know where or who to turn to.I need to badly improve my credit score.I received$61,696.64 yearly.I started tosubstitue teach this month. My bad,bad credit has made life very hard for me.Please, please help!

  16. I need a $10,000 Loan in order to pay off some credit card debt and back taxes to the IRS that I owed due to Bankruptcy and Divorce. This would allow me to pay off my debts owed and have to only make one payment for this loan each month. I have had to make a career change that has made me take a slight pay cut so I am struggling a bit now. It will however change soon but I have to clear some debt first. I would be very appreciative if you could assist, it would mean the world to me and my family.

  17. I’m looking for a $25,000 Loan to pay off my smaller loans and start up my Health and Wellness Business.
    I’m currently Employed Full Time. I’m also receiving $1,992.00 a month VA Disability Payments. I’m looking to borrow $25,000 Lump Sum Cash Loan secured by my Monthly Disability Payments. My Credit Score is 575.
    Can you help me? Please advise. Thanks.

  18. I have a very low FICO score and cannot get my house refinanced because of it to lower my monthly payment. I would like to consolidate and pay off my car and some other debt so I can lower my monthly obligations and work and getting my credit back in shape after my divorce. I am a single parent and the only caretaker for my son. I would like to talk with someone about this please.

  19. Hi,
    I’m trying to go back to school and I’m in need of funds to pay for my school. Financial aid won’t be able to help until I get my GPA back up. On top of that, I have bad credit and I’m trying to pay off past loans and credit cards. I would like to just pay off everything and just pay one big lump sum. I want to close all of my credit/loan accounts and get my self back together. I’m trying to avoid a bankruptcy because I’m only 26. I’m looking to borrow about $10,000 if at all possible. I want to be able to pay for a year’s worth of school and take care of my debts. Is there any way you can help me?

  20. I’m in the middle of a move from Alaska to Hawaii for the military. My wife is out fishing and I have to take care of all the bills. I have fallen behind and need about 3500. This will cover bills and extra moving expenses I am racking up. Can you help me?

  21. I have recently been through a hysterectomy due to developing a tumor. I am $25000 into a nasty divorce and custody battle and am now drowning in medical bills. I need to borrow $5000 to pay off these bills and get out from under this debt in order to be able to rent an apartment for me and my 3 children. I have no other resources to be able to pay these bills. I have no family or friends to live with and stand to lose custody of my kids if I can’t pay these bills to be able to rent an apartment. We have just escaped an abusive man and desperately need help!

  22. Mr Will Alexander, Please donot published this letter.I have a note posted Hester Richardson-March27,2015. I actually need 19,000 dollars.This amount would get me on the road to better financial stability and assist me in cleaning up my extremely bad credit. Please answer me if I not a candidate for your program maybe you could refer me to someone. I really want to catch up my bills. I have tried to get loans no luck need help please.

  23. Mr. Will Alexander,

    I need 5,000 in the next two weeks or sooner to help me move and pay off what I owe, Please send me more info as this is really time sensitive. Thanks in advance

  24. Hello, Mr Will Alexander, I need a loan in the amount of $5000.00 to pay off payday loans and catch up on my house payment. I am on social security disability I get 1327.00 monthly and it is going to pay payday loans have tried my credit union but they say because of late payments they can’t help i only got behind on my payments when i got ill in 2009 and could not work anymore , please send me info asap,

  25. Me and my girlfriend need a home loan for a small ranch in New Mexico we have kids both of our credit is shot, we have a good steady income, we’re looking at a place that is a really good deal for $46,000, we don’t have a lot to work with as we’re stuck in Michigan until June but wish to return to New Mexico.

  26. Please help! I’m a proud father of 5 year old boy and 6 month old girl have a beautiful wife who has 2 bachelor degrees we are paying back student loans and she has yet to find job!! I work in the il and gas industry and has been really slow I’m now working full time again making 1600 a week but I own my own home in marshalltx and renting the one we live in college station I’m behind 3 500 dollar payments on our Dodge Journey behind 2 315 dollar mortgage payments in Marshall and now late on rent with lots of other bills can’t seem to catch up I need like 35000 dollars so I don’t lose the things I worked so hard for please help

  27. I’m in desperate need of a $80,000 loan. My credit score is low. My husband and I have been trying extremely hard over the last year to build up our credit. We are currently renting a house from family. But we have been praying for a long time about being in a home of out own. We both have good, steady jobs (I’m a teacher, he’s a dispatcher), and our son just turned one year old! We found a home that is absolutely perfect for us, for only $80,000, and have tried to get loans but are unable to. This loan would make it possible to finally have our own home, and a safe place to raise our son. Please help us buy our forever home!

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