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Installment loans are a versatile and simple way to finance your dreams.

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Installment payment loans are a type of old-style loan from the good old days. Back when your washing machine had hands, installment loans were the norm.

Based on a simple formula, this is the type of loan that has a short contract and no fine print. True installment loans tend to have fixed interest rates and always have fixed payments. Now, though, the term “installment loans” has been perverted by payday loan companies, often referring to extremely high credit loans.

A “true” installment loan goes something like this: You agree to borrow $10, 000 from a lender at, say, 5% interest per year spread out over 5 years. You will end up paying back an additional $2727.20 at $106.06/month. Now however, honest, upfront lenders like this are hard to come across.

Since this is Texas Loan Finder’s most highly recommended loan type, we search to find you the best quality installment loans and lenders that will provide them.

 Here at Find Texas Loans, we recommend you not fill out loan applications unless you have been well informed over your chances. You might not know, but simply applying for a loan hurts your FICO credit score; for this reason, we recommend you read as many postings as you can on our main page to see how other people like you have succeeded or failed in obtaining financing.

Most fixed term mortgages are actually installment payment loans. The length of the term and the sheer amount of money borrowed is the only things really setting them aside from a traditional loan. The vast majority of people have had a traditional mortgage in their lives, and that’s partly because it is a very honest way to borrow money.

There are many lenders which will provide applicants with honest installment payment loans. See our main page to read the sagas of our satisfied clients. In many situations, clients are loaded to the breaking point with debt and possess very bad credit scores. We have helped these people to reduce their debt through several innovative methods. These include debt-snowballing, loans to consolidate debt, and more. Talk to us before going to the banks, we aim to help you.

18 thoughts on “Installment Loans

  1. Dear lender, my mother just past away and there are seven people living in htr home. I can not overburden my family with me staying there any longer. My credit is so bad with medical bills and unpaid bills by my husband . Now separated for two years I can’t for anything. I am disabled and live on a fixed income along with alimony. I want to buy a single wide Mobil home and I need fifteen thousand dollars to make a move to be able to live . By myself and still be close to my family. I am sixty years old and want my own place to live.

    Cathie Alexander

  2. I am a smart girl who has made some not-so-smart financial decisions. I am employed and make a good wage but my FICO scores suffer from a past bankruptcy (June 2007) that I paid off in 3.5 years (December 2010) followed by my only daughter’s wedding and numerous borrowings thereafter. If I can find a lender who will trust my motivation and dedication to pay a debt consolidation loan in the amount of $15,000, I will get ahead of this vicious cycle I have created for myself and buy a house.

    I claimed bankruptcy upon advice of my attorney to resolve the unwinding of a business venture with a friend. I was so embarrassed about throwing in the towel, I didn’t tell my family, gave into my only parent guilt, and paid for a very expensive wedding. Since the wedding I have been borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I’ve applied at two banks and already have loans with the more accepting online lenders.

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    1. Sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time, Terri. Bankruptcy can be very difficult to recover from, so I hope that we can help you get out of the hard spot you find yourself in.

      It just so happens that we’re experts at finding bad credit loans, so your case is right up our alley! We’ll keep you posted on our progress!


  3. Due to long term delinquency caused by medical bills and other issues I am seeking a debt consolidation loan of $22k but have been turned down by my credit union and a other financial institution due to a payday loan I making regular monthly payments, on time, for and poor credit score.
    I have calculated a loan at 9.3% interest over 3 years with a monthly repayment of $705 but am having no success securing a loan. Would appreciate any assistance in securing a debt consolidation loan.


  5. Recently, I was on leave from my job for two months due to medical issues. In that time, I took out a payday loan to tide us over. I knew money would be tight but we could pay it off. I have returned to work, and we were getting by, but my car needs major work. Currently we are borrowing my girlfriend’s mother’s car to get to and from work. I had bought the car by taking out a small loan against my 401k. My plan allows a single loan up to one half of the 401k value. Currently that is around $40,000. The loans are paid back via my paycheck. My current loan balance is about $5,250. Am seeking a short term loan of $4,000 – $5,000 to pay that loan off and do my own debt consolidation. I am the type of person who does his best to pull himself up, not just rely on others. I need to get a small used car, pay off my pay day loan, finish paying off student loans, fix my car, and get an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I have spoken with my 401k and can immediately file a loan once current is paid off. The loan would only be needed for 1-2 weeks and would be paid in full with whatever interest. I would like to get myself out of this financial ditch, I just need a small push temporarily.

  6. Hi, I’m trying to get a personal loan but I just get payday loan offers, so at the time I needed to get some. I am on disability benefits and get only close to a thousand a month! I live with my mother in which she pays all bills, but all my money doesn’t even touch the principal of my loans. So I am then left with about a hundred dollars for the month! Please help me if you can.

  7. I want to apply fr a $10,000 loan to buy inventory for my online store. I live in Dallas Texas and i am in very bad financial state. A loan would save me.

  8. i need to borrow money to buy a vehicle so that i can get bank forth to dialysis. i have esrd 5 and have to 3 days a week

  9. I’ve currently been ill and in the hospital. I tried to get the car dealer to work with me on my payments and took the car back. I’m trying to get back on my feet and would like to put a sizeable down payment on a reliable car, take care of some bills and return to the doctor for my follow up. I’m a single mom with a teenage son. I’m lucky that I work from home but I still need a car. I’d like to borrow between 6000 and 7000. My credit is around 540. I’ve got to get back on my feet. I’ve just had some really bad luck the last 7 month’s.

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